Case Studies

Thank You EquiSilver for Giving Red a Second Chance

CASE #1:  David & Michelle Nicholson, Campbellsburg, IN write about EquiSilver's effectiveness on a recent wound to their horse "Red".

Red had seriously injured his front left forearm. He had been cut to the bone and three quarters of the way around his forearm with not much holding his leg together. Dr. Moore said he would do his best, but it didn't look good. Even if it healed, due to the extensive damage he would not be likely to ever perform again.

The next days were critical. Changing bandages, bathing the wound and applying EquiSIlver became our daily routine. The wound was in a spot very vulnerable to busting open or being picked at as it started to heal. Within a few days it was apparent that the EquiSilver had contributed to the most amazing healing we had ever seen. With our hopes high, we continued to see improvements every day.


Today, Red has miraculously recovered and his movement is normal but because of his age we have chosen to retire him.

Thank you EquiSIlver for giving Red a second chance!!


Respiratory Therapy for Treatment of Tieback Surgery Issues

CASE #2: Liqueur - EquiSilver and the Transpirator, June 2008

Liqueur, a 3 year old thoroughbred colt, had been racing at Tampa Downs, and after months of serious breathing issues the owner had to have Tieback surgery performed to help his breathing issues. The trainer worked for hours daily to help relieve upper respiratory problems to no avail. The next 3 races the colt lost by an average of 18 lengths. The horse was moved to Churchill Downs with a new trainer, at which time I was contacted to start a treatment schedule with the Transpiration and EquiSilver Respiratory Solution for a race the upcoming weekend. As I observed Liqueur he had a great amount of discharge coming from the nostrils with serious breathing problems. To prepare the horse for his upcoming race I planned at least a 3 day respiratory therapy treatment.

Pre Therapy: A day before I was to start the treatments I went to meet Liqueur, he was back in his stall and not open to anyone approaching him, especially getting close to his head. I took plenty of time to introduce myself and my equipment to him so that he felt comfortable and trusting in me before I started the first day of treatments. I feel this is a very important part of the treatment process.

Day 1: During the first treatment there was an excess amount of discharge in the mask and within 15 minutes he was calm and breathing much better. I treated him for 1 hour the first day and he was much more comfortable with me. I was overwhelmed at the amount of discharge I got out of him throughout the first day and there was a noticeable difference in his attitude.

Day 2: Liqueur was comfortable with me approaching him and readily accepted the mask for treatment, the discharge was not as intense but still very prominent, noticeable breathing improvement and the horses attitude was much improved. I could tell he was comfortable with me and the Transpirator.

Day 3: I don’t treat him on the third day and use the EquiSilver Head and Throat wash only to allow it to clear up any bacterial infections that may be in the upper respiratory cavity and he showed a 100% noticeable improvement and I could see a major difference in his attitude.

Day 4: This was race day, I did the treatment 1 hour after lasix and Liqueur showed a 110% improvement in breathing and attitude which resulted in a first place win. Later in the day I received a call from the trainer thanking me for the incredible results Liqueur received from the therapy.

Three weeks later: Liqueur was entered again and following the same treatment process resulted in another first place finish. He was entered once more at the end of the spring CD meet, I followed the treatment schedule which resulted in second place finish and he was claimed.

In conclusion, utilizing EquiSilver Head and Throat wash as a daily maintenance will keep his lungs and throat clear and help to maintain the respiratory needs from the tieback surgery. There should be at least one weekly treatment with the three day pre-race treatment to prepare for race day. The combination of the Transpirator warm vapor air when used with EquiSilver Respiratory Solution opens the upper respiratory up the sinuses and lungs to allow the colt to breath and take in oxygen without the need of drugs.

January 2009

As a follow up, I continue to treat Liqueur; he gets the Head and Throat wash daily. This was probably the worst case of respiratory problems I have seen and very proud of the results we achieved. Today he is a different horse and is able to live a more comfortable and happy life and I fell I have extended his racing career.



"Silver: The Mightiest Germ Fighter!"

-- Science Digest, 1978

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