Equine Respiratory Therapy with EquiSilver™

Optimizing Respiratory Function And Performance Using Equine Nebulization Or Similar With Equisilver’s Chelated Silver

Equine respiratory therapy is described as the use and efficacy in a combination of utilizing an equine Transpirator or similar system along with Equisilver’s patented Chelated silver products to deliver saturated silver vapor into the upper respiratory system and lungs. The goal of these combined applications is to reduce respiratory tract mucous by the anti-microbial effective delivery of Chelated silver into the lungs. Equisilver’s respiratory therapy described in this application in race horses or equestrian horses where performance of the respiratory system is vital. Results have shown significant improvement in performance following the prescribed treatments.

Background: Optimizing Pulmonary Function

The ability of the horse’s lungs to efficiently and fully oxygenate its blood for oxygen delivery to the horse’s musculature is an absolute requirement for optimal performance. When running at full speed, the horse’s respiratory rate is directly linked to its stride The horse is an ultimate athlete, having evolved as an organism to run, and to run at high speeds for significant distances. As such, the rate, and at top speed the horse breathes in and out about once per second, and each breath moves 1800 liters of air into and out of his lungs. As such, anything that interferes with the rapid movement of air into and out of the horse’s lungs, or with the rapid transfer of oxygen across the microscopically thin lung tissue alveolar membranes and into the pulmonary blood vessels will interfere with the racing performance of the horse.

Airway inflammation has long been known to be clinically associated with poor performance in horses, and is due to a combination of low grade respiratory tract infections and the effects of environmental contaminants in stables, resulting in increased concentrations of inflammatory mediators and excessive mucus in the lungs. Adverse changes in lungs consist of at least two components, increased inflammatory response associated with the presence of microorganisms, and excessive mucus secretion. Optimal response consists of both reducing the inflammatory response and improving the rate of removal of excessive amounts of mucus. Equisilver’s respiratory therapy process has proven that if we reduce inflammatory responses in the lungs while at the same time accelerating the removal of mucoid secretions, we optimize pulmonary function in horses traces of sub-clinical inflammatory in the lungs or mucoid secretion associated with exposure to stable or race track particulates or associated microorganisms.

Optimizing Mucus Removal

The process described herein directly approaches both aspects of this problem. The first addresses the matter of facilitating the removal of excessmucous, for which we use the equine Transpirator or similar system. The Transpirator is specifically designed to assist the horse in removing mucoid material from the lungs. The Transpirator is designed for use with all breeds of horses, and delivers air deep into their lungs at 105°, slightly above body temperature, and saturated to 100% relative humidity. In horses with excess pulmonary mucus, this treatment, or any equivalent treatment reduces the viscosity of the pulmonary mucus.

The actions of the Transpirator or equivalent hydration system, proves that introduction of water into the respiratory system, optimizes the removal of mucus. When Chelated silver is added to the treatment process, the anti-microbial silver assist in optimizing pulmonary function.

The Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial Actions Of Equisilver

The highly effective antibacterial actions of silver are well known and long established. Dr. Stuart Harvey notes that "distilled water becomes markedly bactericidal after contact with metallic silver". The rationale for these very satisfactory responses is that Chelated silver when used in respiratory inhalation effectively eliminates low-grade microbial infections in the respiratory tract. Unlike antibiotics Equisilver generates reactive oxygen species and is active against all types of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, my co plasma and viruses. And as experience has shown, this improved respiratory function rapidly translates to improved performance. As an antibacterial therapeutic, Equisilver has no direct performance affects, and therefore meets the criteria for a therapeutic medication, with no regulatory prohibitions.


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