He cleared up in just a matter of a few days

March 2013

I have a very well bred Mineshaft colt that was chronically sick with upper and lower respiratory tract infections this past summer. I had him cultured and treated three times and after three courses of different antibiotics, he would clear up for a few weeks and then start to produce mucous again. I decided to use the EquiSilver in a Nebulizer and started steaming his hay with the Haygain unit. He cleared up in just a matter of a few days after starting this program and is now close to being ready to run, with no further indication of any infection.

Thanks Mickey for all your help.

Dr. Amy M Gill


Central City, beaten by just a head in the Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint

"EquiSilver (Respiratory Solution) played a big role in getting Central City to the Breeders' Cup this year. He has had problems related to his tie-back surgery that we tried everything to control without success. On my veterinarian's recommendation we started treating him daily with EquiSilver and for this first time since the surgery he is able to train and race without problems and came out of the Breeders' Cup in great shape. We'll continue to treat him and I'm putting other horses on a regular pre-race program. Thanks. EquiSilver is a great product."

Ronny Werner
Trainer of Central City


Chelated Silver as Treatment for Airway Issues in Racehorses

"I recently had a very good stakes filly prepping for a stakes race come back from her last breeze pre race with a bloody nasal discharge. On endoscopic examination she had blood and mucus in the trachea. Since her race was only seven days away and a stakes race we treated her aggressively. This included standard antibiotic therapy to which we added a course of therapy with the Transpirator using chelated silver in distilled water. She was to run one week after bleeding so we treated her on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and ran her on Saturday. The first day of treatment produced a very cloudy fluid return with evidence of old blood, mucus and other debris. By the third treatment she was very clean. She ran an excellent race closing from the back of the field in a 6 furlong race to get second. This was a very good result and she was clean on endoscopic exam post race. We treated her 5 days post race with a very clean treatment sample. Due to this result she will be treated pre race from this point forward. It feel it safe to say that the use of the silver in the upper airway is both safe and effective."

Mike Cavey, DVM


Translates Into Better Performance and Fewer Problems

"Hi Mickey,

We were at Elloree yesterday and Goree said the bay horse you treated had made a marked improvement since he was treated. He breezed better than he had in a long time and his airway hads been clear since the treatment. Karl treated our filly with the chronic cough with the EquiSilver Head and Throat Wash using the Transpirator and Chelated silver for 3 days, she hasn't coughed since and is going a lot more comfortably now. She doesn't seem to have specific airway problems but I think the airway treatment contributes to overall stress reduction and faster recovery, which should translate into better performance and fewer problems."

Gail McMillan
Augusta, GA


We Are Very Pleased with the Results

August 2010

"Two years ago a couple of my young horses had a really bad respritory infection. They had gotten over the sickness in a short time but they had a lingering cough that we could never get rid of. I found EquiSilver on the internet and decided to give it a try. I talked to Mickey and he told me about the EquiSilver products and suggested I rent a Transpirator to treat my horses with EquiSilver's Respiratory Silver. After using the EquiSilver products for just 1 month the coughing has completely subsided. We are very pleased with the results."

Erin Parsons Tucson


EquiSilver Respiratory Therapy Really Impresses Me

"I have tested the EquiSilver program on two very serious bleeders that had not responded to traditional therapies. The results have really impressed me. Both horses have had no episodes of bleeding since the treatments started. I have also found that the horses learn to really enjoy the treatments, which is another plus!"

Greg Fox DVM
Thoroughbred Trainer


Respiratory Therapy - An Integral Part of Race Prep Therapy


I wanted to pass along how pleased we are with your EquiSilver products and the Transpirator. One of our stakes horse was a serious bleeder and previously we used any type of medication to help, sometimes spending several hundred dollars pre-race with no results. After one month use with the Transpirator and EquiSilver’s Respiratory Solution, along with the EquiSilver’s Head and Throat Wash he has not had a spot of blood since, either in workouts or the several races since. EquiSilver is now a regular part of all my horses maintenance and race prep therapy.”

Jim Hogue
Briarlane Farm, Ocala, FL


EquiSilver™ is dedicated to Natural Equine Healthcare


The Transpirator system was introduced to me in October 2006, and I wanted to try it on a yearling that we had had at the barn for approximately 5 months. During that time, off and on she would come in from the pasture with a runny nose, sometimes a cough, and the periodic administering of antibiotics would clear her up for a while but it would come back. The use of the Transpirator, along with the EquiSilver for a treatment period of 7 days has cleared her right up. The heated vapor was pleasant for her and after the initial 15 minutes of treatment, she really seemed to enjoy it. After seeing how well this worked on the filly, I used it several times on my competition horse at the MSEDA CCI three-day event, believing that anything to help a clearer air passage would also enhance his cross country performance. I highly recommend the use of this system along with EquiSilver."

Cathy Wieschhoff
CW Event Team Carriage Station Farm
Lexington, Kentucky


EquiSilver Transpirator Therapy before NAJYRC

"Coming from the relatively low elevations of the Midwest, we, on the USEA Area IV team, were concerned about the potential effects of the elevation in Colorado on our horses at NAJYRC, particularly on the cross-country phase. In the week leading up to leaving for Colorado, we gave each of the horses on the team transpirator treatments with EquiSilver Respiratory Solution, four times during that week. In addition to the altitude, it was very hot—close to 100—on cross- country day. All of our horses did beautifully, though, finishing the CCI* course double clear. They also recovered extremely well. I am convinced that our preparation of our horses with EquiSilver respiratory therapy prior to going to Young Riders helped us immensely in our North American Junior Championship team gold medal effort. Additionally, I know that EquiSilver helped Irish Odyssey perform at her best, so we could win the individual gold. Prior to horse trials and three day events, I will always give my horses respiratory therapy with EquiSilver."

Callie Judy, team and individual gold medal winner
2008 North American Junior Championships


We See Value Not Only in Treatment but in Preventive Measures

“We are also very pleased with the results we're having with treating racehorses with respiratory problems with the Transpirator II,” the therapy uses a chelated silver additive, delivering it via a vaporized warm steam rather than the water droplets of a nebulizer. This allows the entire respiratory system to be soaked with the chelated silver.” We see value not only in treatment, but in preventive measures as well. “Our hope is that not only will people be willing to use these advanced therapies and treatments to heal their horses, but that they will use them as preventive measures as well,” “Whether used for recreation or competition, all horses are athletes on some level and therefore they are going to have some physical issues.” “It makes more sense to treat some issues with preventive therapy before there's a crisis. It saves time and money, and it could save your horse.”

Brenda McDuffee
The Sanctuary
Ocala, Florida


EquiSilver Works Well and Speeds Recovery

"As a thorougbred horse trainer I have used many different head and throat sprays. I have found the EquiSilver Respiratory Solution works well and speeds recovery which returns my horses to training sooner."

Tom Amoss,
Amoss Racing Stables


I Would Highly Recommend Equisilver to Treat Chondromas

"I have used the Equisilver products to treat a Chondromas on one of my 3 y.o filly and within a short amount of time it was gone and she was back racing and infact won a race shortly thereafter. I would highly recommend Equisilver for treatment of throat problems."

Bernie Flint
Flint Racing Stables


"Silver: The Mightiest Germ Fighter!"

-- Science Digest, 1978

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