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Breathing Silver: Healing properties of silver used for equine respiratory disease

October/November 2012
By Mickey Ballew 

Breathing Silver: Healing properties of silver used for equine respiratory disease


Along with lameness, respiratory disease is one of the most common causes of chronic illness in horses, with an estimated 25% of veterinary calls relating to respiratory problems. Chelated silver therapy is currently being used successfully as a treatment in cases of Pharyngitis, Lymphoid hyperplasia, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Exercise- Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH or “bleeding”), and for a number of other respiratory conditions. Delivering a high volume of very small Chelated Silver particles into the back of the throat, the guttural pouches, the trachea and the large airways of the lungs of performance horses has proven to be a very beneficial approach.


The therapeutic benefits of silver have been known for thousands of years. When Hippocrates wrote about its healing and anti-infective properties, the Phoenicians began storing their water and wine in silver containers. Silver compounds were used to prevent infections during World War I, and were widely used right up to the introduction

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Take a Deep Breath

January 2015
By Cynthia McFarland 

Take a Deep Breath: How Respiratory Therapy with Chelated Silver is Helping Horses Breathe Easier


Cynthia McFarland explores how respiratory therapy with Chelated Silver, specifically Equisilver, is helping horses.

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Horses are Breathing Easy Thanks to Louisville Man

From November 3, 2011
by Jessie Oswald

Horses are Breathing Easy Thanks to Louisville Man

You may have given your child a breathing treatment before or even taken one yourself, but did you know that horses get them too?

When Louisville resident Mickey Ballew contemplated working for a New York company that developed silver products aimed at humans, he started thinking horses.

“That’s when I talked about getting into the equine side since I was based here in Kentucky, so that’s when I just started my own business to develop the equine side,” said Equisilver owner and creator Mickey Ballew. Equisilver is a Louisville-based company that provides respiratory treatments to horses and also sells equipment, chelated silver solution, wound care, and even anti-bacterial water buckets.

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Equine Woundcare: Everything Old is New Again

From August  1, 2011 DVM
by Dr. Kenneth Marcella, DVM

Equine Woundcare: Everything Old is New Again

Many silver-based wound treatment products are coming into the veterinary marketplace, and there likely will be more as ongoing silver research continues to show promise.

A new company, EquiSilver, has begun using chelated silver rather than colloidal silver in an attempt to get even greater cellular penetration and antimicrobial action. This agent features a chelator bound tightly to a metal atom (silver in this case, but many minerals are commonly chelated), which forces the metal atom to go wherever the chelator goes. This combination of chelator and metal atom is called a chelate. Chelators are intended to carry atoms into the body in higher concentrations than normally would be allowed. It's proposed that the chelator is treated as a desirable molecule by the recognition system in cell walls and, consequently, the chelate is allowed entry. Research at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida and elsewhere is underway looking at the beneficial effects of chelated silver on topical wounds but also on internal conditions of the guttural pouch, pharynx, larynx and lungs in horses.

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Hi-yo silver, away with infection!

From July 9. 2011 Thoroughbred Times
by Dr. Kenneth Marcella, DVM

The use of silver for medicinal purposes is increasing as more research is done

"In my research and clinical use, I have found Chelated silver to achieve better tissue penetration and to be a more stable compound,” said Mike Cavey, D.V.M., a veterinarian and trainer who has been researching the uses of silver for decades.

"Topical silver products for equine burns and wounds have been in use for years,” said Mickey Ballew, founder of Equisilver, a company pioneering uses of Chelated silver in equine medicine, “and while we are interested in this aspect of treatment, we started to get excited about other areas where we thought silver could help horses.”   For the past few years, Ballew, in conjunction with various veterinarians and researchers, has been investigating the treatment of throat and respiratory conditions in racehorses..

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How to treat Chondritis and Pharyngitis


How do you treat chondritis and pharyngitis?

Chondritis and pharyngitis actually describe two very different conditions that sometimes can occur together.

Equine pharyngitis describes a condition in which the diffusely located lymphoid tissue enlarges and results in numerous small bumps on the surface of the pharynx. This condition also can be described as lymphoid hyperplasia or follicular hyperplasia.

Lymphoid enlargement generally is caused by inflammation from a viral or bacterial infection. This often is observed in young horses and, in most cases, the inflammation is mild and self-limiting.

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