EquiSilver & Transpirator Therapy

Improving Performance

Respiratory Therapy in combination with the Transpirator and EquiSilver™ Chelated Silver Solution has demonstrated improvement in cases where obstructive respiratory conditions or airway water loss contributed to decreased performance levels.

By working with the mucous blanket in the lungs, the Transpirator & EquiSilver™ help to expel the excess mucous and in most cases, any bacteria living there. Common respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, viruses and colds, may be shortened with the use of Respiratory Therapy, allowing many horses to get back to regular training and racing faster. The general health of horses that are exposed to dust, allergens and air pollutants will be helped with the Transpirator & EquiSilver™ Therapy.

Deep Powerful Therapy

The Transpirator delivers pure EquiSilver™ Chelated Silver Solution, at a precisely controlled temperature, into the entire respiratory tract. This process provides treatment to the upper and lower respiratory tract with air saturated to 100% humidity, which penetrates into the deepest and smallest airways. Over 300 liters per minute of soothing EquiSilver™ vapor is delivered for therapeutic benefits for your horse. A healthy, well hydrated respiratory tract is the first line of defense against respiratory agents.

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Chelated vs Colloidal?

Continuing our commitment to animal health, in 2008 we have changed the process of manufacturing our EquiSilver Veterinary products. Clinical and field testing has proven that our new exclusive patented Chelated Silver products are performing much as expected versus our previous colloidal silver products. The definition below will explain why we made change to chelated vs. colloidal process.


The word “chelated” refers to a substance consisting of molecules that bind tightly to metal atoms, thus forcing the metal atoms to go wherever the chelator goes. The bound pair — chelator plus metal atom — is called a “chelate”. Chelators are intended to carry atoms into the body, or into the cells themselves, in larger amounts than the body would normally allow. It is proposed that the chelators are treated as desirable molecules by the recognition systems in cell walls, and are therefore given entry into the cells. When this process occurs in the cells, EquiSilver gains entry to the bloodstream; when it occurs in the cells lining the blood vessels, this will also allow the EquiSilver gain entry to other body tissues.


Colloids are materials made up of solid particles of such small size that when dispersed in water they remain in suspension rather than sinking. “Colloidal mineral” supplements consist of mineral salts or other mineral compounds converted into colloidal form, either by grinding or by rapid crystallization. Most colloidal substances are poorly bioavailable, since the colloidal particles, small as they are, are nevertheless far too large to be intestinally absorbed whole, and nearly all of the active ingredients are trapped in the interior of the particles, where they cannot come into contact with the transport channels in the cells. However, if a colloidal substance can dissolve into the cell, it would then release it’s particles for potential absorption.


"Silver: The Mightiest Germ Fighter!"

-- Science Digest, 1978

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A Historic Healer

Silver has long been recognized for therapeutic and healing uses. New York University tests have proven that silver-plated fabrics reduce traumatic injuries and promote faster healing. EquiSilver offers a full line of silver-enhanced products for both personal and veterinarian use.

Callie Judy

EquiSilver™ is a proud sponsor of Gold Medal Champion Callie Judy, an impressive young rider who is well on the way to reaching her goal of winning Eventing's most impressive titles.