EquiSilver Does Wonders for 17-year-old Dulcie


Hi Mickey,

Equisilver therapy has been a life changing event for 17 y/o jumper Dulcie who has severe allergy issues. Her breathing is really good now and we have been able to keep our training going.

She still gets mildly congested some days, but can still work and usually just coughs if at all only 1 good time and then goes on. She has not had a single day this spring where she stands in her stall heaving, and we no longer need to use albuterol at all. Even my trainer has commented that Dulcie’ s endurance is now getting better than mine. It is my guess that I will need to always use this with her, I also made the decision to stop the allergy shots, Dr. Marcella can tell you that was not an easy decision for me as she has been on them for 5 years.

Thanks again, I am so glad that we all crossed paths.

Alpharetta, GA

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