He cleared up in just a matter of a few days

March 2013

I have a very well bred Mineshaft colt that was chronically sick with upper and lower respiratory tract infections this past summer. I had him cultured and treated three times and after three courses of different antibiotics, he would clear up for a few weeks and then start to produce mucous again. I decided to use the EquiSilver in a Nebulizer and started steaming his hay with the Haygain unit. He cleared up in just a matter of a few days after starting this program and is now close to being ready to run, with no further indication of any infection.

Thanks Mickey for all your help.

Dr. Amy M Gill


Central City, beaten by just a head in the Breeders' Cup Turf Sprint

"EquiSilver (Respiratory Solution) played a big role in getting Central City to the Breeders' Cup this year. He has had problems related to his tie-back surgery that we tried everything to control without success. On my veterinarian's recommendation we started treating him daily with EquiSilver and for this first time since the surgery he is able to train and race without problems and came out of the Breeders' Cup in great shape. We'll continue to treat him and I'm putting other horses on a regular pre-race program. Thanks. EquiSilver is a great product."

Ronny Werner
Trainer of Central City


Translates Into Better Performance and Fewer Problems

"Hi Mickey,

We were at Elloree yesterday and Goree said the bay horse you treated had made a marked improvement since he was treated. He breezed better than he had in a long time and his airway hads been clear since the treatment. Karl treated our filly with the chronic cough with the EquiSilver Head and Throat Wash using the Transpirator and Chelated silver for 3 days, she hasn't coughed since and is going a lot more comfortably now. She doesn't seem to have specific airway problems but I think the airway treatment contributes to overall stress reduction and faster recovery, which should translate into better performance and fewer problems."

Gail McMillan
Augusta, GA


We Are Very Pleased with the Results

August 2010

"Two years ago a couple of my young horses had a really bad respritory infection. They had gotten over the sickness in a short time but they had a lingering cough that we could never get rid of. I found EquiSilver on the internet and decided to give it a try. I talked to Mickey and he told me about the EquiSilver products and suggested I rent a Transpirator to treat my horses with EquiSilver's Respiratory Silver. After using the EquiSilver products for just 1 month the coughing has completely subsided. We are very pleased with the results."

Erin Parsons Tucson


I Would Highly Recommend Equisilver to Treat Chondromas

"I have used the Equisilver products to treat a Chondromas on one of my 3 y.o filly and within a short amount of time it was gone and she was back racing and infact won a race shortly thereafter. I would highly recommend Equisilver for treatment of throat problems."

Bernie Flint
Flint Racing Stables


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