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A horse’s respiratory function can be significantly improved using
EquiSilver™ Respiratory Solution with an Equiresp or Flexineb nebulizer.

EquirespFlexineb™ Portable Equine Nebulizer

"A major limiting factor in equine performance is low grade respiratory tract infections. Silver inhalation eliminates infections in the respiratory tract by generating reactive oxygen species and is active against all types of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses. This translates into improved Performance and meets the criteria for therapeutic medication."

Dr. Thomas Tobin
Veterinarian, Pharmacologist and Toxicologist

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EquiSilver™ is a patented Chelated Silver Solution which destroys the majority of microorganisms — including many of the antibiotic resistant super pathogens. EquiSilver’s Silver Solution is a safe, non-toxic, natural solution with chelated silver that effects the microorganism’s DNA killing it quickly and safely. EquiSilver does not have this effect on animal cells.

  • Microorganisms do not develop resistance, as happens with antibiotics, eliminating the problem of reduced effectiveness of EquiSilver Respiratory Solution with multiple treatments over time. Our Chelated silver solutions have not been demonstrated to interact or interfere with other medicines being administered.
  • EquiSilver Solution has been reported by veterinarians and horse professionals to be highly effective as both a remedy and a prevention for numerous infections due to various bacteria, viruses and fungi.*
  • EquiSilver™ Chelated Silver Respiratory Solution can be used for direct application to the upper airway as a spray or with a nebulizer or the Transpirator®**.
  • The EquiSilver™ line of products also includes wound preparations and therapeutic shampoo for both horses and small animals. Like the respiratory solution other products have the same antimicrobial and healing qualities for skin injuries and infections.

EquiSilver™’s patented chelated silver contains no ingredients to be known to violate current regulations of the Jockey Club or other performance governing organizations.  EquiSilver™ Respiratory solution is currently in use at many veterinarians, equine clinics, racetracks and farms across the US. 

For information regarding the Transpirator® or to discuss scheduling a demonstration and/or treatment call 502-387-4202 or 877-685-0371.  You can now order EquiSilver™ products on line.

*EquiSilver™ Respiratory Solution has also been reported to have a soothing effect on inflamed tissues of the airway and effectiveness in the treatment of Chondritis and Chondromas in horses. It is currently being used to control infection and associated inflammation of the airway and to when used with a nebulizer provides a “cleansing” effect for the removal of mucus, blood and debris in the airway.

**It is always recommended that you consult your veterinarian to discuss the use of therapeutic products.


"Silver Promotes Rapid Healing!"

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Silver has long been recognized for therapeutic and healing uses. New York University tests have proven that silver-plated fabrics reduce traumatic injuries and promote faster healing. EquiSilver offers a full line of silver-enhanced products for both personal and veterinarian use.

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EquiSilver™ is a proud sponsor of Gold Medal Champion Callie Judy, an impressive young rider who is well on the way to reaching her goal of winning Eventing's most impressive titles.